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Miraculous Medals - 11x16 mm, aluminium (pack of 10 medals)

Miraculous Medals - pack of 10 medals......

5.90 zł
Our Lady of Czestochowa, silver diamont-like medal

Our Lady of Czestochowa, silver diamont-like medal1,6 g.....

19.90 zł
Scapular medal - silver, oval 0.8 g

Scapular medal - silver, oval10 x 12 mm, about 0.8 g.....

11.90 zł
Scapular medal - silver, regular shape

Scapular medal - silver, regular shape13 x 14 mm, about 1 g.....

10.90 zł
Silver small corss 2.6g

Silver diamont-like cross27x19 mm.....

29.90 zł
Silver small cross (K146)

Silver small cross0.6 g.....

9.90 zł
Silver small cross 1.8g

Silver diamont-like cross27x19 mm.....

19.90 zł
St. Benedict Cross Medal (bronze, size 10x12,5 cm)

St. Benedict Cross known also as the Cross of Saint Benedict or the Benedictine Medal.Medal made in .....

189.90 zł
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